Durian: Is It Good For You?


Needless to say, as a Malaysian, I am a HUGE fan of the durian. My family waits eagerly for the durian season, and boy do we shove loads of it down our throats once we get our hands on some. Today, for some odd reason, I had a awfully strong craving for this amazing fruit and hence, splurged a little bit to buy some at my local supermarket. Of course, I couldn’t buy the entire fruit so I had to purchase the ready packed ones. Still tastes great though. 


I recall being told countless times that we had to control ourselves when eating durian as it was considered ‘heaty’ which basically for the Chinese means that eating too much of it could make us fall sick. Then I wondered, durian is a FRUIT. How bad could it possibly be for you? Were these all old myths from our grandparents to control our seemingly gluttonous ways when it came to eating durian?

Fortunately, durian IS good for you and all those myths such as how it can bring about high cholesterol and that it is deadly to consume durian with beer are all LIES.


1. Listen up, vegans. Durian has calcium. 

Yep, you heard me right. Durian is rich in calcium. So next time people ask you ‘You don’t eat dairy? So where do you get your calcium from?’, you’ve got your answer: DURIANS.

2. Natural happy pill.

Apparently, durian has vitamin B6 and lack of this vitamin can bring about depression. So if you’ve been feeling rather down recently, why not give durian a try and see if it helps you get through the blues.

3. Skip the avocado and give durian a chance.

Every time people think of good healthy fats, they immediately think of the avocado or coconut flesh. Next time, why not give durian a chance as it is rich in healthy fats, thus, contributing to its high caloric content. 

4. No more worries about being anemic.

Durian is a source of folate which is essential for production of red blood cells. Anemia seems to be on the worry list for many potential vegetarian/vegans so check out this post http://www.nomeatathlete.com/iron-for-vegetarians/ if you’re one of them.

5. Smooth sailing in the toilet.

This might be TMI but since durian is chockful with fibre, going to the toilet will be easy-peasy. Say good-bye to constipation and trips to the toilet will no longer be a chore.

Durian is VERY high in calories so make sure you eat an appropriate amount and not too much. It isn’t a fruit that appeals to all but if you like the smell, eat up! I am extremely lucky to be in Southeast Asia where I do have access to good, fresh durians but if you don’t you could always try getting the frozen ones.


– Gina


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